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Austin Audio Works

“Music is the mediator between the spiritual and the sensual life.”

“The pursuit of the finest music reproduction is rewarded by the illusion of reality which only music can produce in the mind.”
Barry Thornton

The Art of the Audio Desktop

A pure direct vinyl play-back system for the headphone audiophile.

The  Black  Swan  –  Offers  real-time  cartridge  loading  timbre tuning  for  MM  or  MC  cartridges.  The  most  sonically  detailed phono preamplifier  available  with  remarkable  low  noise,  amazing transients,  and  unparalleled resolution.  Includes Balanced Outputs. The Black Amp – Transparency and power are the hallmarks of this complementary-symmetric, no global feedback, current- mode,  high  bandwidth,  Class-A  headphone  amplifier  offering true balanced and unbalanced operation.

Artistically from the Minimalist School of Euro-Techno Art.  When used together The Black Swan and The Black Amp become the finest headphone Vinyl Discographers Reference System, used individually each sets a new sonic benchmark upgrading your system.

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