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Low Noiseis more of an issue than just background ‘hiss’. A reasonably quiet pre-amp front end creates less noise than does the cartridge playing nothing, which is the sound between tracks in the lead in grooves. But that noise, because it is happening in the first stage of amplification, is added to the very fine low energy signals that make up the fine harmonics of the music you are listening to that give the music Timbre. Low noise is not enough, one has to go a step further to what we call Ultra-low noise to let the harmonic structure of the music come through without coloration or masking.
The combination of these three errors disturbs the perceived sound space of the recording. These errors confuse your ears and auditory system with ‘stuff’ that was not there in the recording process.

Black Swan Specifications

  Mode of use    
Specification Moving Coil Moving magnet  
(+10dB) 46dB (58 dB Balanced) 32dB (52 dB Balanced) 1 kHz
+20 62dB (68 dB Bal) 42dB (48dB Bal) "
+30 72dB (78 dB Bal) 52dB (58dB Bal) "
+40 82dB (88 dB Bal) 52dB (58dB Bal) "
+50 92dB (98 dB Bal) 62dB (68dB Bal) "
+60 100dB (106 dB Bal) 72dB (78dB Bal) "
RIAA Response 0.1 dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz 0.1 dB 20 Hz - 20 kHz  
Inputs 2 2  
Noise Floor dBV +10 dB) -92 dBv (25 uVRMS) -72 dBv (250 uVRMS) Shorted input
Unweighted Dymanic Range 95 dB 80dB Shorted input
Distortion <0.001% THD <0.01%THD  
Input Impedance unloaded 34 pF 34 pF  
Capacity loading     Step
Resistance Loading 30 kOhms to 130 kOhms 20 Ohms to 1020 Ohms Continuous
Maximum Output 6.8 VRMS (13.6 VRMS Bal) 6.8 VRMS (13.6 VRMS Bal)  

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